Hello, we're Radiant.

We’re created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

That's why we’re passionate about empowering every SME to succeed. 

From instant access to solar funding, cutting-edge tools to innovative ways

to pay and get paid - all without losing the personal touch you’d expect from an SME.


What we do.

We know time is money, so our products are designed to keep you moving

at the speed of your business.

We support businesses like you, with the next generation of solar energy

funding. We help SMEs manage their energy

better, faster, and more sustainable.

Why we do it.

Because the more businesses that succeed, the more jobs, money, and

opportunities for all South Africans - including Y.O.U.

We care about our family, our work, our community and our country. We

love innovation and supporting businesses like yours so that you can get

back to doing what you love.

We’re here to change the game, the norm, and the world, because when

we change something for the better, we change ourselves too.

You are. We are. Radiant.

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